The photograph an Artist uploads of an artwork is the only reference a buyer has to the final product he or she wishes to buy. It is essential that the image an Artist upload truly represents the beauty of the art the Artist has created.

In its basics, photographing an artwork is very simple. An Artist can use any basic digital camera to photograph his or her work.

  1. Shoot the picture:  Set the artwork completely upright – stretch out a canvas or a painting against a wall; place sculptures on an even, clean, light surface. Shoot in bright, soft light and make sure the images are neither too dark nor too light. When taking a photo of paintings or other art, ensure that the camera is parallel to the artwork, and keep minimal space around the object to get a large, clear image. While shooting a sculpture, shoot multiple images from different angles so a buyer can get a 360-degree view of the artwork. Remember to ensure that the camera flash isn’t visible in the picture. It obscures the view of the artwork.
  2. Edit the picture:When editing, keep it simple and as close to the original as possible. The image should not be smaller than 1920x1920 pixels to ensure a good visual experience for a buyer. The picture resolution should also be at least 200-300 dpi to enable maximum size options to art buyers. Make sure all external edges are cropped from the image, and do not include any frames or mounts on a painting.
  3. Upload the image:In order to allow Artists to upload high resolution and good quality images, Nakshi allows file size of up to 100 MB per image, higher than that offered on many other sites. Artists can upload images of artworks from the Dashboard section of the Artist portal.

Please adhere to these instructions and specifications to be accepted.

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