Artists should use international quality packing materials - including protective cylinders, bubble wraps, cardboards, and other packing materials; especially for framed artwork. Use fibre glass or transparent acrylic sheets instead of glass for framed artwork.

In spite of taking all precautions, an artwork may still get damaged in transit. In such a case, the buyer needs to send an email to Nakshi within 24 hours of receipt of the delivery stating that the artwork was damaged in transit. The buyer will be refunded the amount he or she paid for the artwork.

The full amount due to the Artist, after deduction of fees and taxes from the sale price of the artwork, will be paid by Nakshi in case of a refund or return claim where the reasons for such are found to be outside the Artist’s control (i.e. if the logistics partner is found to be at fault).

Please follow the steps outlined in “Shipping and Delivery Policy” to ensure that the quality of the item, when shipping from the Artist’s end, is assured. Nakshi may ask for evidence from you regarding the condition of the item at the time of shipping; these are outlined in the mentioned

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