Before your artwork gets sold, all copyrights and reproduction rights remain with the Artist, and Nakshi does no reproduction in any form without appropriate options being selected by the artist while uploading artwork.

After your artwork gets sold, depending on the choice you make while uploading artwork to retain reproduction rights with your or transfer to art buyer along with the sale of original artwork, Nakshi will decide next course of action as below on reproduction of artwork.

  1. If you have decided to transfer rights to original artwork buyer, then Nakshi will stop further printing and artwork is taken from sale and printing.
  2. If you have decided to retain rights with you then Nakshi will continue with only print option of artwork.

You will have complete control and visibility over copyrights or reproduction rights. Please rest assured that reproduction is strictly controlled in line with choices you make while uploading your artwork and you will have given visibility on number of prints sold and royalties paid on selling management dashboard.

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